In which there is a photo dump of a nice ride in a nice, damp Swamp

It's October. 

This year, October doesn't mean much to Fiddle and me.  We didn't compete this season, so it's not the end of the season.

There are still a few rides left on the calendar in our region, but we won't be going to any of them.

It's not a particularly stressful time of year at work, so I don't need to ride so I can avoid screaming while on the clock.

It's still too early for sn*w, so there's no question about passable roads.

Most of the bugs are gone, except for yellow jackets, and those are pretty easy to avoid if you watch where you're walking.

It's only a moderate mushroom season, so I don't need to feel guilty if I don't want to hop off and tramp through the wet weeds on every trip through the woods.

The trails are muddy and slick in spots, so trotting is just for the roads.  

If I want to explore trails with Fiddle, we walk.

A good rain jacket is an absolute requirement for October, but I have one of those.

So on a day like this,

it's nice to just head out 

and enjoy a few hours of quiet trails

with a good horse.


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