In which the weather has a bright (gold!) side and Foxie hitches a lift

The bright side of all the rain:

At the end of a mushroom hunt, Foxie Loxie was tired out!

With thunder rolling above Seattle, and thunderstorms headed towards our favorite trails, the usual Sunday morning ride got pulled off the calendar.

Instead, we went to lunch. 

Duana is always happy to go for lunch!  (so are the rest of us)

After getting fully fortified by lunch (and waiting for the thunder to move further north), it's trail time!

Jim and Patty and Duana and Foxie Loxie headed out with me.

"My doppler app says it's not even raining."
"Your doppler app is on crack."

The best chanterelles hide under ferns and salal branches--and some of the salal has gotten so big that Fox can't get past.

"I will scout for mushrooms from up here."

The exercise of keeping watch over my little dog was worthwhile:

While hunting for a lost-or-stuck Fox, we found treasure, and lots of it!

The chicken-and-bean soup is greatly enhanced by our efforts!


  1. While geocaching we ran into crazy mushroom people this week. Always with the funny wooden baskets. The great thing is, the dog people think we're mushroomers as we seek caches, and their dogs go crazy we have an excuse.

    And this week a gorgeous dun Icelandic horse saw us on the hillside, hesitated, and then said, "Oh yah, crazy mushroom/geocacher humans" and proceeded. I apologized and said what a great horse you have! A moment later, she tolted him away. What a picture!


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