In which it sn*ws, and half of the state shuts down because We. Just. Can't. Cope.

Photo dump:  it sn*wed.  


It was pretty (if you like grey).

You can barely see the house, and the sky is completely gone. Other than that...?

Sn*w on a farm is a pain in the tail feathers.

Cornelius the rooster refused to come out of the coop until
Monica scooped out a path for him

The roads were a mess, and

The reindeer are on vacation.  Tootles the tractor is our next best option.

everything between Seattle and the Canadian border closed (or froze shut).

The goats didn't come out until white stuff stopped falling.

At Haiku Farm, we did what we always do,

Clear paths and driveways
feed animals

reading time with friends

including a bit of play.


Foxie Loxie


By the end of the day

driveway clear

The smoker full of food for dinner

(we smoked EGGS!)

wiped out from the fun.

It was melting.

And that is Good.


  1. Hey, J and I are confused - how can you work for (insert place of business with a county name in it) if you aren't in that county? J said, "She lives like two counties north of there!"

    1. I do have a very long commute--usually an hour in each direction. I don't love the drive, but the job is good...and I wouldn't be able to keep a horse in the backyard if I lived in Seattle. :-)

      I'm in the next county over. I work for King County, I live in Snohomish...granted I'm not far from the Snohomish/Skagit line. But Snohomish is far enough!

  2. I honestly thought you worked in Bellingham. Snohomish county. Hm!

    I want to take this chance to talk about State Studs, if you don't know about them. I didn't until moving to Europe. State Studs are government owned horse breeding operations. Freaky stuff, huh? So I pay taxes for....which horses to stay stallions? *lol*

    Mag comes from a State Stud. He is one of literally, honestly, hundreds of Arabians this particular Stud produces each year and auctions off. There are 3 or more auctions per year. Mass produced Arabians. He is registered in the Polish Jockey Club, because they mostly produce horses for racing or showing. Mag wasn't good enough for either so I got him cheap. They make the news when they sell a mare for over a million Euros. People come to these auctions from all over the world. I would love to just visit and see where my horse learned his good behaviors (tying, clipping, bathing) and also try to find where the holes in his brain come from (towels!) : )

    I contacted the State Stud to ask what his brands mean and they said the 7 means he's foal #3007 and the 14 is their Stud #.

    I cannot fathom a government agency purposefully breeding horses, but it's a part of history (they were desperately needed engines of war not long ago, and good horses won wars).

    Mag is a government product. In buying him I supported the economy of Poland.

    I tried to find a wiki link for you and finally did, and Mag's puppy mill I mean barn is listed, Michalow:

    I still don't know why they're called State Studs and not National Studs....


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