In which the day gets better, and we meet bicycles out on the trail

Today started out badly.  So I went riding.

"There's something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."

Or woman.  (Turns out that Churchill isn't the one who said that, but it's still kinda true.)

"No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle."

(Churchill did say that.)

 Unlike our ride on Friday, we didn't get soaked with rain.

 I was a little sad that nobody else was available to ride with us today,

but as I said earlier, the day didn't start well and I wasn't very good company for anyone else

...except the Dragon, of course.

We were happy to meet some folks at the "lunch stop" field.  These are students from the Washington Student Cycling League, out for a training ride with their coaches.

Chloe's mom tagged me on Facebook:  Chloe loves horses
and was thrilled to hand out treats to the Dragon on the trail!

The conversation on the trail led to further conversation online.  Now, we are hoping to put together a joint training session for bike students and horse riders (and young horses like Freya)!

Fiddle models the "pirate" fleece cooler that Patty got her for Xmas, and
the purple halter that Duana won in the raffle last weekend.

After riding, I took a two hour nap.  The day is nearly over, but it's much better than it was at the beginning.

Tomorrow, it's supposed to sn*w.  Bahhhh.  But I guess I'll save those cuss words for later.

For right now, it's good.


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