In which the world needs some good news, so here ya go: picture of Caliph!

Ready for a little GOOD NEWS?

I got the update (below) from Jacqui.  Ten years ago, Jacqui was very ill, and gifted Fiddle to me for safekeeping.  

Last year, Jacqui was feeling well enough to want another horse...but NOT a Dragon.  Did I know of a nice, sweet, well-trained gelding who would be good for Jacqui and her little granddaughter Eliza?

Caliph is a little Morgan/Arab gelding who needed a home, and was
"too good to sell on Craigslist."

Today I got an update:

"He looks great....he has filled out and there are 4 little girls who live  near me who come over to give him apples and carrots and fuss over him and he LOVES the attention although he is a bit greedy so I had to teach him that trick to turn his head away when food is coming.  Then the girls put the treats in his bucket and everyone is safe.  

He hauls like a dream and likes to play with the chickens and the ducks.  I couldn’t ask for a sweeter horse.  Thank you!

I have one picture of him – 

Apple, plz?

...he comes over to visit me each morning when I am doing the dishes 
to see if he can coax an apple out of me – pretty sweet…"


  1. That last photo is so incredibly adorable!!! Glad he has such a great home!

  2. It sound like the perfect home. That last photo is amazing!

  3. I'll take that horse if anyone could part with him. Needs only 8K$ shipping!

    I appreciate your encouragement so much, especially in the absence of you and the fish/pirate/fairy people you hang with.

    You have to admit, I was right. Making a blog was a good thing.

  4. You were right. The blog is a good thing.


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