In which we're heading out early, so here's a few photos from the week

Fee has been farrier'd by my friend Mel for more than a year now.

top shoes:  Fee's size 2 shoes now.  dark shoe: the size 0 she wore when Mel took over.
for contrast:  Freya's teeny-tiny size double-0 shoes

Many years ago I promised then-farrier Ron that I would never feed my mare biotin, because he had broken 2 sets of nippers on her feet while taking that supplement.

So she's been off biotin since about 2010.  But, still

size 5-slim nails work in winter, but when the weather dries out even a little,
her feet go back to being super-tough

I literally took stuff off after the ride on Sunday and loaded it all into Kitty's trailer.
I hate packing.

I unearthed an old Kodak camera this week, and took it for a tour around the yard.  

Yeah, I gotta turn off the damn date stamp

The red camera is now retired, because the colors are no longer true and the lens cap won't close anymore.  Sigh.  I'm gonna tow the old camera around for a bit, but it won't fit in my pocket, so it's a camp-only camera.

Cute dog

Good dog

Elsewhere on the farm, Jim and Monica are making a new batch of beer.

A lot of beer-making involves sitting around

grain tea, which will eventually become beer.  Will is sort of interested in the process, but
he finds buying beer more convenient.

Another Jim project:

Home-cured and smoked BACON!!!!

 We're going to eat well in camp this weekend.

Wish us luck!


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