In which anonymity doesn't suit me and there's a Dragon Egg

"Don't bring me a Volkswagon," the mechanic said.  
"And unless you think I need a new boat and you want to pay for it,
don't bring me an Audi, a Kia, a Hyundai, or any of those other disposable cars."

I do not miss this truck.

My little commuter truck, which had never been bulletproof like my prior red truck, finally sucked up a bunch of money and then died...leaving me without a bunch of money and without a commuter vehicle.

CUE: gnashing of teeth, cursing of the house of Ford, and many tears of frustration as I realize that my tiny budget would cover a cheap POS car, and that was about all.

I test-drove all kinds of crummy vehicles.  I scrounged around for more money.  I borrowed some money from Santa Jim.  

And finally, we found:

An egg.

A 2002 white CRV.  It has a bunch of miles, but it has AWD and it isn't a disposable car and the mechanic gave it a thumbs up.

HOWEVER, I live in the land of little SUVs, now driving a little SUV just like all the others.  I was afraid to park at Costco, for fear that I'd never figure out which egg was mine.  They all look the same!

Then a friend on Facebook suggested that a little decorating might be in order...

The horse trailer was gifted with purple flame decals many years ago by Maddie and Jill

and it just so happens that this friend makes auto decals.  How convenient!

Santa Jim has the attention-to-detail that I lack, important when applying decals without bubbles underneath

We added DRAGONS!

Fox likes to be in pictures, even in pictures of cars (he doesn't much like cars, just pictures)

Amber sent a few "bonus" decals as well:

Not gonna lose THIS EGG in the parking lot!

reflection make it difficult to see this nice purple horse-head,
but it looks awesome IRL

So, if you're driving around the Swamp sometime, and you see a funny little egg of a car with DRAGONS all over it, be sure to honk and wave.

There are plenty of eggs in the Swamp, but there's only one Dragon Egg!


  1. In the 90s I wanted cars with personality and had the ultimate, a Volvo. That should have made your mechanic's list! It was gorgeous and always broken. For every Volvo on the road, there are 2 in the shop. Joel told me to go Japanese and I fought him, "Too common." He said they're common for a reason. Hrmph. That was 1997? I have had a Honda or Toyota ever since. Happy for me, there are few Priuses in Germany, we get really excited if we see one on the road.

    My farrier showed up this week in a new towing vehicle. A black Subaru Forester. Shiny.

    J's family has slowly switched from VW to Japanese in the 10 years I've lived here, without me saying anything .....OK I might have said, "You bought a Golf?" with my hand over my mouth (now she has a Toyota)......but I'm relieved for them now that they can get where they need to be.

    Welcome to Unparalleled Reliability. Or the 200K mile club....? I like that you got white! I feel a sense of relief for you that you won't have to worry every time you turn the key.

  2. Love it! My trusty Subaru Forester just passed 200,000, I'm so proud. May you have many happy miles. Plus, the graphics are perfect. AND "Dragon's Egg" by Robert Forward is one of my favorite Sci Fi books of all time.


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