In which it's been summer LONG ENOUGH, bring on the fall (and fall riding)!

It's been summer so long that we were getting tired of summer.

Patty leads the parade on one of our Sunday rides in sunshine

I like riding in sunshine as much as anybody else.

View from the monument.  Notice how brown the grass is, here at the top of the hill

But with the smoke from nearby forest fires haunting our airspace for several weeks, we are glad to welcome something else.

Crowded at the monument on the last day of predicted sunshine

Of course, there are always a few last-minute, end-of-summer projects to squeeze in before the rain starts.

building the "manure lagoon" at Fish Creek Farm

you GOTTA sign your work!

I signed, too!

Last Sunday was the predicted End of Sunshine.

blue skies overhead, equipped for rain

Anne-Marie's greenbean horse Rifle joined us for the first time and learned the essential skills that we teach all young horses.

waiting patiently

the sky got a little misty, and the wind was definitely NOT warm despite the sunshine

It's always good to ride with the Suspects.

The Dragon considers both Meagan's horse Pony and Anne-Marie's horse Rifle to be "baby horses"
which means she lets them crowd in close and bounce off of her when they get surprised by stuff.

And finally:  IT RAINED!

The air is clear of smoke, the dirt is dirt again instead of dust, and it feels normal to grab a wool sweater when leaving the house.

We'll clean the chimney tomorrow:  wood stove season is nearly here.

But today:

a solo ride was just about right

I kept my eyes peeled for chanterelle mushrooms,  which were completely dormant during our long dry summer.

There should be mushrooms under all this green stuff

But I didn't see any.

"He-e-e-ere mushy-mushy-roomy-room!"


With no "baby horses" along for the ride, Fiddle and I can ZOOM!

Oh, well.


Hours in the saddle are never wasted.

Our Swamp is finally starting to feel damp again

It's Good, ya know?


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