In which Du has a new red pony and we train for non-eventing

Choosing a new horse is like dating.  And who wants to go on dates anymore?

I choose you Pikachu? 
We are calling her Freya McMuffin Small Fry Papadum
but there will probably be additional names

Du started Freya with a 30-day trial, in which we threw all kinds of stuff at her.

The follow-me game

Duana: "Stand on this box!"
Freya:  "Okay!"

Trail training with Dory

I got to ride her too!

Finally, the 30 days ended.  It was time to choose.

I choose you, Pikachu Freya McMuffin, etc. etc. etc.

Du's husband Jason brought the champagne.  That's part of his job.

Wheeeeee!  She chose meeeeeeeee!

...and the very next day...

You've heard of Gorillas in the Mist.  This is a Standie in the Rain.

time to hit the trails with the Usual Suspects!

Duana loves both of her redheaded mares

Gratuitous photo of the Dragonwalker Duster in action--
today was the first day we got enough rain to try it out in the saddle!

But before we could leave the parking lot, it was time to start our non-event training.

Freya is not-so-afraid of the porta-potty anymore.

Some folks pay big bucks for an eventing prospect.  We prefer to train so that our lives are a long series of non-events.

Helmet on, heels down.

Taking a picture of the "old" horse (Hana)
through the ears of the "new" horse (Freya)
And Fiddle and I are there to witness it all!
From the parking lot, it's necessary to head down the road about 1/8 mile to get to the trails.  That might be a stress point.

But, no.

The Suspects headed out for an hour of walking.

Scotch broom is everywhere.

The Tomato Curse is working!  This is good, because we've already had
our first wildfire of the season.  

Puddle practice.  Hana  coaches the new kid. (and Monica coaches Duana)

Heading back to the trailhead

One more necessary skill:  stand quietly in the trailer while we go have lunch!

So far, it's all Good!


  1. My trainer used to say that "the best thing you could ever say about a trail ride was that it was uneventful." Glad others share that philosophy! Freya looks to be fitting is just fine, and is a very cute redhead. Glad that the Dragon is improving too!


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