In which the latest Yule Log video features trotting down the trail

Lytha loves the Yule Log video in winter.

She made a soothing video of her animals grazing as a Spring "yule log", which I copied on a rainy day in the pasture, and on a nice day of walking on trails in summer. 

But I've only ever made short trotting videos up to now, because the up-and-down motion on a screen makes me a little woozy.

Hark!  YouTube has a "stablize" feature now that smooths out some of the bumping around.  It doesn't completely mitigate the up-and-down, but it's better.  AND I've discovered that if I let the sound run in the background of other windows as I work, the nice rhythmic trotting sound is almost as soothing as the original Yule Log itself.

Even with both hands on the camera most of the time, here's still some bouncing around, because I filmed this with a handheld camera, and every once in a while I needed to brush spider webs out of my eyes.

But, if you've ever wanted to ride a Dragon on trails, here ya go!



  1. I love those single tracks through brush and pines. Trotting for 10 minutes without running into a street or town is a distant memory.

    I think I've been there, at least parts of what you filmed. What a weird feeling of familiarity.

    You did a great job keeping the camera steady. And her hooves are so quiet, the ground must be really soft. Even the gravel seemed quiet. J asked why you kept making left turns.

    That was really fun, thanks for doing it. If I were actually there, I'd have to say, "OK Fiddle, tell me the way home cuz I'm lost."


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