In which a response to the Yule Log is offered: a rainy day vid

lytha over at the Horse Crazy American blog is a fan of the Yule Log video.

I admit:  the visual is restful and the audio is soothing.

lytha's version of the Yule Log video is also calming and soothing:  it is 7 minutes of her horse and donkey grazing peacefully in the orchard.  Sunshine, shadows, insects, birdsong.  Very nice.

So, here's a soothing video I wanted to share with her, for those homesick days when it's too hot, or too cold, or too sn*wy, or too far-away-from-home:

Twelve minutes of Fiddle and the goats not doing anything interesting, just grazing in the rain.

I hope the rest of y'all enjoy it too.


  1. Love it! Thought the theme of the title might have something to do with Germany (Hi, Lytha!). Love the sound of munching muzzles.
    Envy your grass. The irrigationless late summer last year did a job on my pastures--they're green, but much of that is weeds.

    1. We have plenty of weeds as well; fortunately, the goats find many of them tasty!

  2. Ah, that was relaxing. I liked the part where you can hear them eating. What were the animal sounds at the beginning? What does it mean when a goat wags its tail?

    There is a website that I used to visit where you can just listen to the rain for hours, it's called

  3. What a wonderful idea. Very relaxing, indeed.


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