In which I haven't been posting because nothing has been happening

Due in part to quick action and cooperation among local veterinarians and horse owners, the outbreak remained confined to Gold Creek Equestrian in Woodinville.  Gold Creek is still quarantined, but the rest of us are free to move around again.  


It's drying up a little bit now (finally), but the skies have been grey and dumping cold rain on us for almost two weeks.  Not only "not fun" for riding, but also "really REALLY muddy" out on the trails.


So, Fiddle and I haven't left the property together since December 21st.


Tomorrow's forecast says "MOSTLY SUNNY." 

We are heading out.  11am at the trailhead--if you're local, come join us!


I've been reading some old blog posts lately, and this photo in particular caught my eye: 

Fiddle looks so young, and the sky looks so blue!

If you'd like to join me in a little sentimental journey, you can START HERE.  

That's the first part of the report from a backcountry adventure for Fiddle and me, along with our friends Cricket and Sky, wa-a-a-a-ay back in August 2009.

The packs are full of clothing and sleeping bags--fluffy, not heavy.

With any luck, I'll be back again in a day or two, with fresh pictures from our soggy Swamp.  

Until then, I'm going back to those blog posts that I labelled "blue sky."  


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