In which we burn energy that would normally be used for riding

"It's a beautiful day, let's saddle up and hit the trails....not."

If there ever was a ready horse, it's this one

There's been no change to the EHV-1 situation...which is good.  No new cases, no new euthanasias (that we know of).  This is one of those times when no news is good news--if things had gotten worse over the holiday weekend, there would have been an update from the state veterinarian and there isn't one.

So we're still self-quarantining and glad to have horses safe and healthy.


New Year's Day sunshine!

It's so hard to stay home when the sky isn't throwing cold wet stuff down.   So, we didn't.

Santa Jim should have packed candy canes for the trip--we met lots of children who recognize him!

Megan invited Jim and me to join her and Anne (human) and Lucy (dog) on a walk up the Wallace Falls trail on New Year's Day.

excellent trail companions!

Off we went, into the sunshine.

Wallace River

Henry didn't come with us on this trip, but his mom showed us the back of the trail sign where he has
made a hashmark for every time he's hiked this trail.  Total = 28

We don't have many "free days" for WA State Parks, but when we do,
 the trails are crowded.  Today was no exception!

It was a perfect day to walk this trail.

Hanging out with Santa is always a good idea

Sunny but not warm--high temp on the trail was about 38*

We dressed in layers and dropped most of them for the uphill hike to the Middle Falls.

To see water fall, you gotta go uphill 

View of the Olympic Mountains from the trail

Coming back downhill, Jim read all the informational signs

...and I took photos of sunshine.

When I got home

silly New Year's selfie

very serious New Year's selfie

Happy New Year, everyone!


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