In which we celebrate the life of Luna, our most beautiful dog

Luna Fishandnoodles, 2004 - 2018

blue-eyed beauty

L-to-R: Mimsy, Luna, Pickles Marie guarding the truck from against who might leave zucchini 

Party girls: Mimsy, Pickles Marie, Luna

Luna befriended the hen Twelve

Posing in front of Pickles' tree

Twelve and Luna: best friends forever

All the kids:  Roo, Will, Luna, Lisa Mimsy

With Santa:  Roo, Foxie Loxie, Luna

Beauty Girl

Farmer's helper

Writer's helper

Spring flowers

Roo and Luna

Road trip dog

backyard helpers Mimsy and Luna

Green bean quality testing helper

creek testing helper dogs Luna, Roo, Foxie Loxie

Red-Roo, White-Fox, Blue-Luna

Water testing helpers Luna, Foxie, Roo

Camp bed helper.  Patty, Sirie, Luna, Meagan

Will, Roo, Lisa, Foxie, Luna (and pumpkins 1-7)

Camp bed tester again

Gardening helper

Luna's favorite game:  "Let's be dinosaurs!"

We will always love her


  1. I am so sorry to read about Luna's passing. Hugs to you. <3

  2. I'm so sorry. What a beautiful life she had.

  3. So sorry, what a beauty to have had in your life, and such great photos of her adventures with you. Peace.


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