In which "Hoth" is not just a snowy place in Germany anymore


I, of course, consider any of that white stuff to be too much.  That's why I live in a Swamp:  it almost never happens here.

But sometimes, it does.

"I told you it was too soon to shed out my winter coat!"

Fortunately for everyone, the calendar today was empty of obligations.  I did miss out on having Sunday soup dinner with my parents, but that's something I will easily re-schedule.

The dogs think that sn*w is a wonderful toy...until they get iceball accumulations in their undercarriages!

It was the perfect type of sn*w for a sn*wman...err, sn*whuman.

Frigii Snewpersson, the newest part-time/seasonal employee at Haiku Farm

But mostly, it's all about working to get rid of the white stuff.

Jim and the tractor, once the "furrikens" were finished

Jim listed his "furrikens" on Facebook this afternoon:

Furr I ken clear the driveway, I need to start the tractor.  Furr I ken start the tractor, I need to charge the battery and warm the oil pan.  Furr I ken charge the battery I need to find the battery charger.  Furr I ken warm the oil pan I need to find the block heater.  Furr I ken plug those in, I need two extension cords....

Sure, it's pretty.

view from the now-clear driveway

But Fiddle is not a fan.  She refused to pose or romp or do anything photogenic for me today.

Dark horse, white sn*w, this little camera just cannot cope.
Monica caught better pictures in 2014.

We cleared out as much as we could from vehicles and the driveway, because anything still out there is going to freeze solidly tonight...

Page capture of the National Weather Service forecast for Haiku Farm through next week.

...and stay solidly fruz for a long time.   We got stuff cleared, and salted, and put away before dark.

Now, we hunker by the fire, read books. and eat cookies...

...and dream of summer.  It can't be that far away...right?


  1. Your snow looks sticky and heavy. If I was there I'd make you a snow Sheltie in the form of Luna.


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