In which we welcome a new little fish (she doesn't have a name yet)

Big excitement at Fish Creek Farm this morning:
Flower had her baby!

a spotted filly, born about 9:15 this morning

We all took turns visiting because of social distancing.  

She's a BIG girl!  Very bold, and quite sturdy for somebody who hasn't had much gravity yet.

Patty was quite giddy when she called to tell the news.  "She's big!  And she's friendly*!  And she has SPOTS!"  

...and she has WINGS.

Patty did confess that she had been into the caffeinated tea this morning, since she was running low on sleep while waiting for this foal.  Still, the giddiness is understandable.

*Unlike Lace, who was reportedly born with her ears pinned,
this little one is quite amenable.

 After halter-time, it's snack-time.

She's gonna need a lotta food to fuel that big body!

Since lytha posted recently about her horse's sire, we wandered over to say hi and snap a couple pictures of the filly's dad: Dory's stallion Balistik.

CCA Balistik.  His AERC record is HERE

Balistik's offspring tend to be bold and easy to work with (Arianna is his daughter, and so is Meagan's mare RhythmRocky was another Balistik child).  

He's not young anymore (turned 27 this year), but he's still pretty handsome!

Balistik has always lost weight during winter, but he is already bouncing back
with spring grass--and he looks pretty good for an old man.

Welcome, little filly!  We're glad you're here!


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