I never knew that :: "PENDING" is such a great word. :: But it really is!

See it? Right there, next to the photo?


That's a technical real-estate jargon word that means "If all the stars align correctly and a certain person gets off her butt and collects the water sample and delivers it to the health department on schedule and if the chimney inspection works out fine and if the ruttin' sky doesn't fall THEN THESE FOLKS WILL GET TO BUY THIS PLACE!!!"

Fingers drumming. Toes tapping. Glance at clock, check email, drum fingers, tap toes again.

Thanks, Jim, for snagging the photo for me. (What a great guy!)


  1. i tried to find this house on the real estate page but failed. i guess it's yours huh? or,...almost: )

    we had a scary "maybe" at our lawyer experience - you know, you have to go to a notary/lawyer to sign? at least here...well he said "ok then, if the city does not exercise its right to buy it, it's yours."

    what?! the city has a claim on all sale property? i guess so. well, a week ago we got the letter from the city saying, "we choose to not buy the property." and i was like, "thank you. thank you wermelskirchen!" (our new city has an even longer name than before.)

    now i'm all covered in "ow" from work clearing blackberries 5 hours. but it feels good cuz it's my OWN fenceline i was clearing: )

    ~lytha in wuppertal, goin for the american ibuprofen in the closet

  2. OMG, who knew about the city claiming thing???

    We *almost* had a scary experience...hopefully our only one: the day after we submitted our offer, somebody else made an offer. But they were looking for a bargain (the place is already priced below appraisal) and apparently they "weren't very nice."

    When we went out there today to take pictures and talk to the sellers, they both--individually--said "oh I'm so glad it's YOU buying our house." Apparently the other folks made a really bad impression!

    The sellers are such nice folks. I'd be really sad to be leaving, but they were excited about our plans to build the barn. That's beyond-the-call-of-duty niceness.

    Good luck with your blackberries. We're gonna get a tractor...not that that will kill them, though.

    --Aarene, soon to be in ARLINGTON instead of Marysville (a slightly shorter name, not that you'd really notice)


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