They accepted our offer! Now it's our turn to get really busy!

The next step for us is getting the well water tested.   

When I lived on a well many years ago, I was pretty casual about getting the water quality tested and verifying the capacity of the well.  Fortunately, the purity was fine, thanks to a gigantic reverse-osmosis water purification system in the basement of that house.  

Unfortunately, the RO unit gave one gallon of water for every three gallons processed...on a well that was not terribly productive.   I fought with that whole system for the entire time I lived in that house.

THIS time, the bank will (sensibly) insist on a water purity test, and we've written a "capacity verification" as a condition of the sale.  But...who knew that water testing is so persnickity?  Maybe it's just the Snohomish County health department rules, but you have to take a water sample after 8 am and return in (in the special sample jar) before 9am the next morning!   Who works on a schedule like that?

Well, me, apparently...if I want to get that water tested!   Hmmmm.


  1. Wow I'm happy for you! So, tell me more about the land. DETAILS!!! House details are good too: )

    Hopefully you don't have to remove 2 kilometers of barbedwire. Hrmph.


  2. Only a little bit of barbed wire...technically on the neighbor's land but too close for comfort, so I'll make 'em a deal and take the nasty stuff out and replace it with something not nearly as dangerous!

    Blackberries, though...argh.


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