talking about money makes my head hurt; I just really want a BARN!

Do you think I could order this barn on E-Bay?

Gary-the-Financial-Genius shopped all kinds of loans for us, and did all kinds of work to keep costs low, which is good. Alas, with a VA loan, we can't add the cost of building the barn to the original home loan. They "just don't do that." Argh.

The new plan is to buy the house and land, and then apply for a "building materials" loan so we can build a small, simple barn ourselves. Actually, that is kind of exciting--I've never built a BARN before. Truthfully, I've never built a dog house before...or even a bird house. I wonder if I can acquire the skills without, like, using a power saw to amputate my arm or something...

Fortunately, there are Building Skills in my family. Whew. Maybe it will be like those Amish Barn Raising parties I've seen in movies, and us wimmen-folks will just earn our keep looking pretty and making food. Heck, I can make food.

But I'd kinda like to try building, too.


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