Hoping, waiting, and :: wishing the snow would vanish :: do your stuff, Santa!

Today is Christmas, and what I'd like Santa to bring will definitely not fit in my stocking:  a house with five good pasture acres.   We've put in an offer on a place out on Jim Creek Road, and now we're waiting...waiting...waiting....

The sellers have said that they intend to accept our offer, but we're still waiting...they don't have electricity out there right now because of the snow, and with no electricity there is no fax machine.   

So, c'mon Santa:  do us a favor and deliver the documents!  Or at least, have the reindeer work on the powerline problem!


  1. Oh, a woodstove! I love it, and, I have to laugh at the AC in the window - SO AMERICAN: )

    Of course, in America, we know how to be comfortable in the heat of summer. Stay in where it's nice and cool. Come on Germany, catch up. (When I ask where are all the AC units, they say, "You mean extravagant energy wasters and environment killers?" *sigh*)

    Oh, a screen door, I want one! Also unheard of in Germany. (What, there are no bugs here?)

    I can sense you're holding back details til you know more - I can't wait!

    Will say a prayer for you. I have no idea what neighborhood that is, but let's hope it has the internets out there where the casinos don't shine.

    Welcome to the non-booky blogosphere!


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