In which the long-awaited finally happens: the horses are HOME!!!

My friend Sky reminded me last week to make sure somebody else was holding the camera on the day the horses came home, because she wanted to see me smile.

I am smiling.

At this rate, I may smile continuously for the next 30 years.

The horses are home at last!

We had to get up early this morning and continue the work on fences. I drove the tractor again, with a little more ease this time, and Jim was able to move a little more comfortably--we still didn't let him lift or push much, though.

Finally it was time to go to the old barn. I had one last day of barn chores to complete there, as part of my board payment. I took my time, and said goodbye to all the horses, except the Toad, who refused to be caught and given a cookie. I waved at him.

George, the regular barn manager, came out and helped me finish the chores. Then he made sure that I took everything that was mine, down to the ugly pink bucket I had with me when I moved my old mare Story into this barn 12 years ago. We loaded it all in the truck, then I hitched up the trailer and loaded the horses.

I've hauled a lot of horses over a lot of miles in this rig, but this was something pretty special: driving down my own driveway.

Jim was waiting for me, with the camera in his hand.

Then he handed me the camera and unloaded Hana. They both look pretty happy to me!

After Fiddle hopped off the trailer, it was time to take a walking tour of the fence perimeter ,

so we handed the camera to Willy.

I pointed at the fence every 20 feet or so. "See the fence," I said. "It's hot! Don't touch it!" Fiddle was taking notes.

Jim noticed that we both have wire cutters in our back pockets in these photos. We are totally stylin'.

All the way down to the bottom of the pasture.

"That's a corner," I told Fiddle. "Don't get stuck in there." She looked carefully to make sure she would remember where they are.

Then we turned them loose to graze for a while. Mmmmmm. Food.

Hana kept an eye on first. Then she settled down for some serious eating.

After about an hour of stuffing their faces with grass,

it was time for Equine Gallivantation!

For some reason, Hana is usually in front. I'm not sure if she's leading, or if Fee is pushing. It's hard to tell.


Hana's pretty copper color shows up best in the sunset light. She's such a pretty mare.

Time to come into the paddock for dinner. Fiddle is ready, she always wants to be first.

Hana wasn't sure she could step over the pipe. Oh, but hey, there's food in the paddock. Lemme in! Sigh.

Still smiling. Life is good!


  1. Woot! Can you see them from your bedroom window? I'm still not tired of waking up to that view.

  2. Nope, can't see them from the bedroom (stupid house) but they ARE the main attraction from the dining room and kitchen.

    I don't think I'll *ever* get tired of looking at them!

  3. Every day is a good day when you can walk outside and smooch a pony! I can't wait until my Boyz come home in a week or so. The fillies are lovely, but I miss my goobers!

  4. Awww....your smile just makes me smile, too! A dream finally fulfilled! I'm so happy for you!

    That photo of Hana running with the sun glinting off her coppery coat is just stunning!


  5. these are the pics i've been waiting for!


    i love that we went thru this simultaneously on opposite ends of the earth. can't wait to show my man these pics!



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