In which we plant things that won't grow, and things that weren't planted are growing

The Peeps are turning into little hens at last.

They are very friendly, and they like to hop on my hands and arms when they can reach me.
They spent several hours this afternoon in the Peep Tractor, which will soon be entirely too small for them, but it gives them a chance to scratch around for bugs and catch up on their dirt baths.

(It's not really as crowded as this picture makes it seem...they are all fascinated by the camera lens, and gather around it as soon as I bring it anywhere near them. )

Our Peeps aren't nearly as ugly as they were last week, either. Most of them have tails AND wings AND they're even starting to develop a comb.
Barred rock hens are very pretty...ours haven't quite got to the "pretty" stage yet. But, closer now.
Willy and I planted more fenceposts today.

He is in charge of transporting the posts to whichever corner of the farm we're working. He also sets the posts in the proper position for me to pound (he's much more careful about straight lines than I am.)

Meanwhile, up at the house, Jim has a new project going. Hmmmm.

It smells sort of like caramel, and sort of like bread.
Right now it's sitting in this gigantic glass jar in the laundry room.

Anybody wanna guess?


  1. What happened to the batch he was making last week? I think the peeps aren't pretty yet. Mom

  2. Perhaps mead? And do tell us about that little machine Willy is looks like a classic.

  3. Ohhh, the Peeps are still horrendous! I love them!

    Can I come have some beer in a couple weeks? :)

  4. Mom and Funder: They aren't THAT ugly. Okay, well, maybe they're still kind of ugly. But they are showing POTENTIAL now...right? They are partly pretty...right?

    DP: The White riding mower is at least 20 years old, and was de-engineered by the former owner. The throttle mechanism is now a little plastic dealie that looks like it was stolen from a radio-controlled airplane. Every time I drive this machine, I'm sure I will break it. Willy has a strong affinity for it, though, and it always starts up effortlessly for him! I just try to stay away and not complain, since the thing was free and I can't afford to replace it.

    Funder: The beer will be ready in about a month. Want some?

  5. The title of this post is my life story here in Nevada.

  6. i knew it was beer!! what's he gonna call it?

    funny to read your post and show my man your post and point to the shirt i was wearing and have it almost perfectly match yours: )

    best ride for bad horses - renegade. start them out with a 5 mile climb straight up. no time for nonsense.


  7. Hey -- Just wanted to give you this link WRT slow feeders. It is not the most organized information, but it probably has the most ideas about different designs.

    (look in the left for a menu of different types of designs -- net, hard-sided, etc.)


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