In which some small things get bigger and some big things get mashed down a bit

There's no kind way to say this: our cute little Peeps are going through an ugly phase.

They're starting to fly a bit, too, so we have to keep the "lid" on the chick tank all the time, lest one of them accidently fly out and not be able to figure out how to fly back in again. They are getting bigger, but not much smarter. And they definitely aren't getting prettier yet.

Speaking of things that are not clever, at least three of the bunnies are still alive, despite Momma Rab building her den 5 feet from the back door of the house. We found one dead baby rab last night, but that one was gone this morning. (We didn't ask, but I assume Momma R took it someplace to appease the Owl and Coyote gods, both of whom are very active in our valley). We continue to monitor the dogs whenever they're outside, hoping to keep them both distracted for a few weeks until the little rabs have their hopper motors revved up.

What is this big green thing in the back of Jim's truck?

Oooooooh, a mower deck! It hooks to the tractor and gets towed around to mow the pasture and the blackberries.

We had to use the hammer to get it hooked up. Herb-next-door showed me how to do this. Even with three hands, he and I needed a hammer. Since our tractor (and mower deck) is much older than Herb's, we needed FOUR hands and the Bigger Hammer.

Finally: success!
Jim rides his 20 horses into the sunset, dragging the mower over the blackberry vines as he goes.

It really does cut. Willy and I weren't sure if it was cutting them, or just smushing the plants down a bit.

Actually, the mower does a combination of both--the grass looks like it's been masticated by a very dull-toothed animal.
The blackberry vines get ripped up and then mangled by the mower. Bwa ha ha ha ha! It serves them right.
I hope it hurts.


  1. Gosh, that first picture made me laugh. Glad that you have discovered the joy of mowing down blackberries -- the thrill never fades.

  2. Eeeeee, the Peeps are fantastically ugly! Shockingly ugly! I need twice-weekly updates until they are no longer ugly, please and thanks!

    PS - In my experience, they never get much smarter. Chickens are a lot of fun but they're not braniacs.


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