In which I figure out how to be trail boss for a Virtual Ride

Here are my thoughts about the "virtual trail ride" idea:

Since my internet access will be limited/non-existant for the next two weeks (I'll be posting from work for a few days, and then completely away from electricity and all other modern conveniences for the week prior to July 4th) I propose that the starting day for the Virtual Trail Ride is Wednesday, July 8th.

Between now and then, invite your friends to join us, and send me information about the following:

The people and horses you will bring on the ride.
No limits! If you want to bring Mahatma Gandhi, fine but he MUST wear boots with a heel--safety is always important. >g<

Bring real friends too--invite them to post here also!

If you want to ride Man O'War or Misty of Chincoteague, do it. Or ride your favorite horse, present, past, or future.

The trails that you will share with the group.
Describe your region as generally or specifically as you wish. Where will we go? What will we see? Is there any interesting history you'd like to share about the area, or a good story about events that happened nearby?

The foods we will "eat" when we "visit".
Hey, it's all virtual, so go crazy. Have your gramma make those fudge cookies you loved as a kid, even if she's long-since gone to the Great Pasture. Have your favorite local restaurant "cater" it, or feature your own special eats.

When I return to electricity in July, I'll compile a route, and post the route on this blog.

Then, I'll describe where we're going and then point MY blog to YOUR blog so you can "guide" us and "show" us your trails. Start assembling your photos and videos, and get ready to virtually ride!

This is your invitation to join us: pass it along!


  1. Okay my dear...You have a fab time on Your ride and I will be Horse camping at Silver Creek Falls-Howards Horse Camp-
    I sent you some info...lots(on the first virtual post) actually- and I am compiling our ride now...tell me when to post and I will date it so!
    Be well and always smile!

  2. i compiled pics and text for a virtual ride too - trying to find things around here unique to the country.

  3. Ok, I was at first depressed that I wasn't able to join you all on a trail ride because of my bum knee, but then, if I'm reading correctly, it seems that fantasy riding is just fine, too?

    If so then count me in!
    Either way I'll enjoy visiting other's blogs during this trail ride and joining them virtually on their rides, too.

    ps My 'trail ride' will be on The Enchanted Circle' of Northern New Mexico. We'll ride where Lonesome Dove was filmed, in expansive valleys with tall mountains all around. We'll dine on elk burgers and ride alongside stagecoaches and through herds of alpacas and llamas.
    I may not be in the saddle yet, but I can dream, right?


    Enjoy your own ride!


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