In which I wander around the yard and take pictures of pretty stuff

Everything is growing, blooming, and blossoming here!

I took my cup of tea and my camera and wandered around the yard and the orchard this morning, taking pictures of whatever caught my eye.

The hens are nearly grown-up ladies now, and quite pretty. They have almost outgrown the FEMA tractor and will move to the larger chicken tractor soon.

In the garden, beans and potatoes are sprouting, and I also detect a little bit of non-weed growth in the carrot patch!

Tomatoes (planted by Jim and Willy, not me!) are beginning to flower.

Up in the orchard, there are little apple pippins, and lots of cherries.

Blueberries, growing much more happily now that we have freed them from the tyranny of blackberry vines.

Raspberries, too.

And strawberries! There are a bunch of these in the yard--I hope I can get them before the crows and slugs (and Mimsy) find them. Yup, wish me luck on that.

I found these thimbleberry bushes growing as volunteers along the fenceline. They grow wild here, I don't think that I've ever seen them in a yard before.

Rhododendrons, the state flower, growing behind our wood shed. They also grow wild here, although a lot of people cultivate them.

The ultimate "grows wild here" plant: blackberry vines. Sigh.

Since the farm lacks nuclear technology, I will never be able to kill them all. My mom will get her blackberry pies this year after all.

"Bee flowers" (somebody else probably knows the proper name for this plant). Bees love this plant, so Luna likes to sit in the middle of it and snack on the little buzzers. Ack, Luna! Don't eat the pollinators!


Life is good, especially on a sunny day at the farm.


  1. All those cherries and berries are making me hungry!

  2. thimbleberries! i'd forgotten about them, how i love them.

    the "hops" have berries now, and i took some pics for you. and invited the whole family over cuz there are way too many for us. in fact, i'm thinking about putting up a sign near them for passersby, "EAT ME": ) (they're called johannisbeere and you know what - i just looked it up - they're red currants. weird huh?) wish we had blueberries!

    the blackbirds eat the strawberries but always leave a little bite left for me, how nice. i doubt i'll get any cherries cuz the birds will be faster.

    time for me to do another garden post, no matter how non-horsey that is!

    how are the mares? are they up to 5 hours a day on pasture yet? are they destroying anything you couldn't have predicted? hehe

    i love your irises!


  3. I realize this is a truly ancient post, but I only just discovered your blog and have been back-reading. :P I believe bee-eating is a uniquely collie and sheltie trait- my collie Kaylee likes to lie in the middle of the English Lavender bed, under the rosemary tree, and eat bees. I've never known another dog that did it!


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