In which we see RED (for good reason!) and start packing to go to Camp

Hurray, the cherries are ripe! Everybody warned me that I'd have to keep the birds away if I wanted cherries for my family,

but apparently the two Royal Ann trees in our orchard are accustomed to supporting bird and people

--there are plenty of cherries for everybody!

We leave soon for a week at Ridecamp, building and repairing trails and getting ready for the Renegade Rendezvous ride on July 4th.

Hana got new shoes so she'll be able to work comfortably on the rocky trails and roads.

Fiddle was scheduled to get her shoes reset as well, but she was in a horrible high-heat and we couldn't get near her back feet without her trying to pee on us, drat drat drat. The farrier very kindly rescheduled her for this Saturday so she can have new shoes before we leave.

This is the first year that we've been required to take Certified Weed-Free Hay. Not cheap, dangit, but land managers are apparently getting quite rabid about this issue, so I bought a bunch.

Willy had to help me load it into the trailer, though--I had a mild asthma attack while loading it into the back of my truck, and didn't want to have a repeat attack on the same day.

With a little direction from me, Willy crammed the trailer dressing room full of hay! I put all the other stuff in first--hay always gets loaded last.

We may not be the sharpest tools in the shed, but we now have the sharpest tools in the shed. Jim put a nice new edge on all the Implements of Destruction, and they are waiting to be strapped onto the truck.

We're almost ready to go!


  1. Oh! I should be going with you to help..I am KNOWN in my parts as the trail Cleanser...I dig well too!

  2. Come on over any time Kac! Our family and a bunch of friends usually spend the week prior to the ride helping out ride management--clearing deadfalls, raking rocks, placing water tanks and hanging ribbons. It's great fun!

    Soon I'll post photos from last years work part/ride, so everyone can see how beautiful it is there....


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