In which I write a poem (with pictures) especially for Lytha

I really didn't intend to write this poem, but Lytha inspired me.
That's why I wrote this poem, and included an old photo that she's probably forgotten entirely.

I apologise in advance to the non-endurance readers, because there are a lot of endurance references in this post that probably won't make sense to normal people. Maybe the poem will make you curious enough to explore endurance riding...that would be awesome.

I've got one more poem in me, but I'll post it tomorrow, and I promise that normal people will be able to understand most of that one.

Where I'm From, part 3

I am from biothane.

I am from Skito and Enduramax, from Easyboots,
from vetwrap and

I am from a two-horse slant decorated with purple flames,
pulled by an old pickup, and
filled with fragrant shavings, cool water, aromatic hay.

I am from the sweet slosh of beetpulp, the brisk chop of carrots,
the scattering of oats.
I’m from stacks of buckets, and clean leather and dirty boots,
and from duct tape, glowsticks, and a battered GPS.

I am from long-strided arabs, quick-pacing standardbreds, colorful appaloosas.
I am from mules, I am from horses.

I am from trotting out and pulsing down and sponging off.
I am from ride managers, trail builders, timers and vets.

I am from the unwilling to give up, and the tenacity to succeed,
and enough luck to get home and enough batteries
in the light to know it when I see it.

From ride your own ride, and from fit to continue and
you can rest when you die, and from
to finish is to win.

I am from LDs, and from 50's. I am from 100-milers and multidays.

I am from keep the ribbons on the right, stop at every water tank, listen for gut sounds, from watch for bears, and
keep a helmet strapped on tightly.

From the squirrel and beetpulp story, the barefoot vs shod discussion,
best condition awards and welfare of the horse.

I am from potluck dinners.

I am from junior riders and sponsors of junior riders,
from mud and sand and hills and rocks and things.

I am from Robey Park and Auburn, California.
I am from the Biltmore Estate. I am from Owyhee.

I am from Wendall, Lew, the Duck, and Trilby.
I am from Angie, and Susan G and Merri and Steph.
I am from Ten Feet Tall, Still.

I am from long riding. I am from ridecamp.

I am from endurance.


  1. wow, great poem. i love this whole From poem idea. i am too shy to show off mine.

    but a horse owner never forgets a photo of her horse, esp. one that was on the mainpage of PNER for a while. whew, was i thrilled! maddie looks great on baasha!

    unforgettable ride and tie with me and maddie and a river crossing we will both never forget.

    and the respect you get from endurance riders, just cuz yer down there on the ground half the time. awesome, awesome sport, ride and tie. someone bring it to europe, will you?

    but it's true:
    aarene will rest when she dies, moss grows on other stones.


  2. You're right — I didn't get all the esoteric references, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

  3. You should repost this (in a less-bright font, because it is hard for people with bad eyes (coughcough - not me, I'm sexy and young, coughcough) to read... I can't believe I've never read it. I really like it.


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