In which we have two friendly farmers visiting from far : Germany!

Look who came to visit Haiku Farm this evening: it's Lytha and her man from the Horse Crazy American blog!

"The hay smells so good!" she said, and ran to get her husband. He was very dutifully impressed by the good smell. Really, Lytha's man is a good 'un, such a nice fellow.

After a brief tour of the garden (beans! blueberries! tomatoes! and some rather pathetic-looking potato vines!) we went out to the pasture to visit the horses.

I offered to let Lytha hop up and take a ride on Hana, but she's still sore from her long ride last weekend on some borrowed endurance horses. Old Baasha doesn't make her work that hard anymore, and her endurance muscles were surprised by the sudden workout at a CMO in the foothills!

Instead, she wanted to see Fiddle's tricks.

They are cute tricks.

If you scratch Fiddle in all the right locations, she makes monkey-lips. Really big monkey-lips. Not dignified at all. Heh heh heh.

Hana doesn't do many tricks, but she is pretty and sweet.
And she loves to be everyone.

Now, what to do? How about a trip up to the orchard, where we can get some windfall apples for the horses....
and throw them all over the field.
I throw like a girl--so embarrassing--so I just took photos.
Lytha and her man lobbed apples all over the upper pasture.
It took Fiddle and Hana at least an hour to find all those apples. Huh. Rough life, gals.
Life is good, isn't it?


  1. How fun! I didn't put it together it was YOUR horses she rode, or that you knew each other.

  2. How fun when the blog world and real world overlap! Your horses are very cute!

  3. Leah Fry: Lytha was riding with mutual friends last weekend, because Jim and I were working on a goat fence. We were jealous that we didn't go to the CMO, but I guess the heat made it extra-challenging.

    Kate: thanks. WE think they're cute, but maybe we're a little biased?

  4. So AWESOME!!!!

    You left this comment on my blog over the weekend: "For years I have said that the Internet just might be the ultimate tool for world peace.
    Here's just one more example--

    Oh wow! How true....this time, it's even gone GLOBAL!

    What a wonderful visit for everyone, horses included.


  5. Oh too cool!!
    I get to see her tomorrow...wanted to take her on a pleasant 2 hour-non endurance ride..but the heat would be ick and she declined beforehand, anywho.
    So dinner it is!
    I love her secret too..the "B" one!

    Hahatee hehe!

  6. Haiku Farm is different than I expected for some reason. That mountain is way steeper than you can see in photos, and there are many more trees that I expected.

    Those mares sure have a good life. Even the extreme Arizona temperature did not bring them into the shade!

    I snacked on as many blueberries as I could, and got to see their chicken tractor and 12 matching monochrome chickens. Jim got pecked just refreshing their water, gee, watch yourself around chickens.

    The dogs were much fluffier than last time I saw them, they eat peanuts for snacks, and the cat is Cat Fancy centerfold material. I hope a cat shows up at our doorstep soon.

    Thanks Aarene and Jim for the bbq, and to Willy for helping make us feel welcome there too.

    When visiting Haiku Farm, be sure to soak your feet in the ice cold well water, it is wonderful!


  7. Lytha: I'm so thrilled that you could visit and see our place at last!!!!

    Someday I'll come visit your place in Germany -- not sure when, but I WILL come visit.

    Everyone: Lytha really does need a kitty. Also a well-mannered pony to keep Baasha company. So, please call all your friends in Germany and tell them to start looking around. Right? Right!


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