In which I share a few new haiku poems about the (sad) garden.

We didn't have time this spring to do all the soil amending that a proper garden requires. There was no addition of well-rotted compost, no manure for extra organic matter, no minerals sprinkled on top to adjust the native Ph of the soil.


Herb next door came over with his tractor, tilled it under, and I stuck in a bunch of seeds.

That's all the time I had for preparing the garden this year, and it really shows.

The weeds aren't too rampant, but then, neither are the vegetables.

I was pretty depressed about the overall patheticness of the garden, until I thought (with the optimism required for any gardener, but most especially a Swampland gardener):

"Just think what a lovely contrast the photos this year will make when I show off the garden photos next year!"

Yes indeed. Not only is my glass half-full, it's half-full of, uhm, fertilizer. But >shrug< , whatever it takes, right? So here's the before garden picture. Notice that the corn is barely sprouted, the squash plants are very indifferently lolling around on the dirt, and the bean plants can hardly be bothered to climb up the poles.

Check this space at the end of July next year, and I'll certainly be proudly displaying the after photo!

Until then, allow me to offer up a few puny plant-ly haiku poems:


I greet the sun
Tilting my bright face upwards,
Too bad I'm just knee-high!


It's a good trade, Jack
These beans will bring your fortune...
"magical fruit," right?

Fiddle won't mind that
they look so puny and weird.
They will taste just fine.


The world's tiniest
Giant Pumpkins, now showing,
at gardens near you.

Just when I've given
up all hope for this garden:
little zucchinis!


From Megan's good seeds
and planted by Jim, (not me)--
love must makes them grow.


  1. Oh, it's only *July*--you've got plenty of summer for things to develop! Anyway, you're way ahead of me in the gardening department--I have a brown thumb--can't grow a plant to save my life. Now give me a baby horse...


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