In which it's almost time for the Virtual Trail Ride! Get ready!

I'm off to the trails in a few hours to take photos for our Virtual Trail Ride.

If you plan to post your own leg of the journey, add your blog-link to the comments section, and we will all take a nice long leisurely trail ride with our friends. Here's the checklist of stuff to include in your post:

The people and horses you will bring on the ride.
Describe them all, and remember that you can include friends past/present and future.

The trails that you will share with the group.
Where will we go? What will we see?

The foods we will "eat" when we "visit".
Hey, it's all virtual, so go crazy!

Now it's time for me to saddle up, so I'll meet you back here in the blogosphere tonight.

laughing all the way,


  1. virtual ride of lytha here

  2. Here's mine:

  3. Lytha, I took your leg of the ride -- beautiful. For some reason, I was unable to leave a comment.

  4. Here's my virtual ride


  5. Here's the central Washington leg:

    Some of the photos will look familiar, if you've visited before; but ENJOY!


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