In which I abandon my readers once again, and head for the hills

Sorry, dear Readers.

It's the end of the summer, and therefore it's time for the Annual Big-Nosed Women's Tour.

It's true.

You've probably already noticed that Fiddle and I share a prominent proboscis.

Our friend Sky is of Hungarian descent, and so her beak is appropriately stately.

Sky's mare Cricket is a Standardbred -- a cousin of Fiddle's! -- and thus, is equipped with a significant sniffer.

Together, the four of us are Big-Nosed Women, and we like to run away from civilization every once in a while.

Last year, our plan was to head into the mountains...but alas, the trailhead we planned to use was FOUR FEET under the snow IN AUGUST.

So, we tried Plan B.

Alas, the Plan B trailhead wasn't snowed was on fire. Not only that, the Forest Service was staging helicopters out of the meadow where we planned to camp.

Plan C?

Plan C was the ocean beaches at the Oregon Coast. Not a strenuous batch of trails, but it was pretty...and there were no men or small-nosed persons around to interfere with our vacation....

...although it did RAIN. In August.

Not the well-loved and celebrated end-of-summer rains that made the Swampland sing again last week, oh no. We had a proper 2-day gullywashing, frogstrangling thunder-and-lightning blowout. Argh.

We went anyhow. It was wet. It was cold.

And then....the sky cleared, and the trails dried, and there was the ocean!

This year, we'll take an extra BNW: Little Scout, just a puppy last year, is finally old enough to go with us. I think we'll make her carry the marshmallows. She has a big nose, but is still not a very Big Person.
See you in a week!

Life is good!


  1. Hope you have a great trip! Hopefully the weather will be good for you!

  2. Have a great time! Send the rain our way!


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