in which I have discovered a cool blog about my favorite breed!

I do go on (and on, and on) about Standardbreds.

Please understand that I was raised in mostly-Quarter-Horse country, and spend a lot of time in a mostly-Arab-sport, with a few forays into mostly-Warmbloodland.

Except for a few jaunts to Standardbred Playday events in Canada, I am almost always riding the only pacer in town.

Now I've discovered this blog about Standardbreds : celebrating the breed, retraining pacers to a second (or third!) career, and all kinds of other cool stuff about my favorite big-headed mostly-brown horses. So, off I go, to read more about my favorite breed. Maybe I'll see you there!

p.s. the nifty photo at the top of this post is actually Fiddle and me at a standardbreds-only event last year. I know, it's hard to recognize us without our signature purple color. If you want to try messing around with some of your own photos, check out this site!


  1. Good for you! Standardbred power! :) I knew a brown Standardbred in my sister's neighbhorhood. I think he had a bad injury and had to be put down recently. :( He had a really handsome face. I did a blog post about him a while back.

  2. We have a standardbred track in BC and there are always so many for sale or free online, it is so sad. I "had" (free leased) one named Alphie...he was a doll. They can have such great bone and feet and good minds...excellent trail horses, good size and strength! Great horses that are sadly under valued.

  3. I have so enjoyed your blog. Please accept this "I Love Your Blog" award! To pick it up, stop by

  4. Just found your blog via One Red Horse. Loved browsing and reading your poems. I will have a go at the 'Where I'm from' later. I'll be back definitely!


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