In which I shut up (mostly) and share poetry and some photographs

It usually happens, on day two or three of a trip into the mountains, that I start talking a little less, and spend even more time than usual with my camera.

Sometimes that means getting up earlier in the morning, or going off to forage for blueberries, or whatever tactful excuse I need to go away from people I like in order to be quiet for a while and look around.
Sky is an especially good travelling companion, as she, too, enjoys going off to a quiet spot to write or read or sketch.

In that spirit, I want to fill this post with mostly photos. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed taking them.
The sky always looks
perfect if I am looking
at it through horse ears.
This stream could give me
much-needed lessons in the
art of "meander"
Blueberries in Heaven
probably taste just like these:
tangy blue apples.
Look at the lake--see?
look closer, and closer still:
It's full of princes!


  1. Beautiful photos..I may try to paint some of them.

  2. That is an absolutely beautiful place you went too!! Great pictures!!

  3. my fave photo is the one where you look like you are in a helicopter looking straight down onto the creek, with spiky shadows of pines going across it. amazing!!!

    i'll say it again.

    lucky oregonians.



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