In which we celebrate something long-awaited and quite wonderful

At last!

The Swampland has been hot and dry this summer--a hotter and dryer summer than any on record. And now, today, finally: a respite.

The ground isn't saturated yet. The dirt is barely damp.

Water is falling from the sky at last.

The forecasters are predicting that we will have rain for at least a few more days. I couldn't help myself this evening: I ran around the farm taking photos of the beautiful, beautiful rain.

Life is good!


  1. Life is good. You know that you're from the PNW when your heart gladdens at the sight of a damp, misty day.

    haplit: haphazardly lighted

  2. Yes, a big relief!! I am sitting here at my computer, the window open and listening to the raindrops fall! I hate rain, but right now I am loving every minute of it!! We have needed it so bad!

  3. This place is like a dust bowl, but I doubt we'll see any rain for at least another month. I'm jealous.

  4. although i am glad that everything got watered this week, last night's surprise rain ticked me off cuz i had big plans for re-mowing the lawns. when your lawn grows thick and lush after a month without mowing, once over does not cut it.

    i spent 8 hours mowing that first day in germany. my poor abused mower! but it was left raggedy and uneven, and raking was a nightmare with what turned out to be an ineffective rake (going right in the garbage this week!).

    as you know mowing is not allowed on a sunday, so i had to wait. but my man had big plans for geocaching yesterday, so i had to wait one more day. last night i surveyed the uneven meadows we call lawns, and was dying to mow, but it was 9 pm. i was antsy all night, and then woke up to pouring rain today. a wet baasha wanting to be rubbed down, itching from his wet coat.

    i am so annoyed. i also need my man's help with the weed whacker cuz it is just too powerful for me to handle (why did i have to buy the fancy one) cuz we cannot even reach our ponds. stinging nettles everywhere. and now we cannot do it, and he only has a few more precious days before school starts.

    i am happy for seattle, and looking forward to pics when your pasture turns bright green again.

    your veggies are probably happy too. how is it that i live in a place wetter than western washington?


  5. Had folks visit from your neck of the woods, yesterday. They commented that it had been raining when they left--it was sunny and pleasant here--but they didn't seem as enamored of the sunshine as westsiders usually do!


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