In which I look into the tack room, and marvel at the stuff in there

Nuzzling Muzzles recently posted about the contents of her tack "bench", and then Lytha wrote a post about her tack room/stall. I don't have a bench, and I don't have a tack room. I have a....

(insert sound effect: drumroll and trumpet fanfare)

horse trailer.

It's parked next to the horses' paddocks (where we will build a being an issue...) and it is conveniently stocked with all kinds of useful stuff.

Trailer door, top section
pirate stuff: magnets, signs, piratical duct tape, skull beads and feathers
red notebook: emergency information, contact info for doctors, vets, parents, etc. If we are ever likely to need information in a hurry, it's in the red notebook.
green notebook (not visible, it's tucked behind the red notebook) : photocopies of horse registrations, truck registration and trailer registration. current vet records for any horses I haul, including health certificates and coggins. lifetime brand inspection cards for Hana and Fiddle. directions to places I visit sometimes but not often enough to remember the way.

Middle section
trail stuff: folding trail saw(s), hand clippers, bottle of aloe vera, bug spray (for humans), sunscreen, benedryl cream, desitin, vet wrap

Bottom section
generally-useful stuff: scissors, screwdrivers, duct tape, sharpie, marks-alot, zip ties, and (for some reason) another tube of sunscreen.

mostly tools: bug spray (for horses), show sheen, WD-40, more duct tape, green duct tape, a rubber mallet, the pipe to raise and lower the weight-distributing bars on the hitch, a small hammer, shoe pulling tool, and a set of compression straps. Hmm. I don't think I've ever used those straps, might want to eliminate them....nahhhh.

Inside the door
the hitch (because if I leave it outside on the tongue of the trailer, it will rust!)
and a wash bucket with soap, sponges, and a little squeegee.
The plastic thing has horse cookies in it, and there are some packets of nuts and some granola bars stashed behind the plastic thing.
There's a tack box full of horse brushes, and two rubbermaid boxes with spare gloves, glowsticks, dry socks, and extra hats.

Front wall - tackbiothane bridles, bits, and reins, sponges-on-strings for attaching to the saddle during hot weather, and the crop I use on the trail.

the blue bag contains a purple fleece cooler for Fee and a green cooler for Hana

the blanket bar has an extra saddle pad on it (I think I can move that out, we never use it!) and the girths, plus a trash bag hanging on a carabiner.

Back Wall - saddle stuff

top shelf: Jim's saddle, pad, and trail packs

lower shelf: my saddle, pad, and packs

hanging behind the saddle rack: a mesh bag full of easyboots, various sizes and types.

also in this photo: back wall, lower has hooks for helmets, half-chaps & fanny packs.

Back Wall - human stuff

front-to-back: first aid kit (for humans), first aid kit (for horses), pink stethoscope (they didn't have purple), blue stethoscope (they didn't have green), and a red lei (must be Madeline's?)

extra leadropes, extra halters, a water scoop made from a Minute Maid orange juice container that Jim found on the trail at an endurance ride in 2004 and has carried ever since

spare helmet, jingle bells (to wear during hunting season or in the backcountry) and long rain coats.

Little Corner Wall

the 25-gallon water tank,

jiffy jack (the metal kind, because the plastic kind breaks if you use it on muddy ground!)

an x-wrench (not visible) a roll of heavy-duty paper towels, a purple lei, my dressage whip,

and some magnetic poetry.

Clearly, we can live out of the trailer for quite a while...

I haven't had a proper "tack room" for years--and I'm not sure Jim has ever had a proper tack room. Since we spend so much time on the trails and in camp, it just makes more sense to keep all this stuff in the trailer.

We also (clearly) spend time with our horses in bad weather, or in weather conditions that might change without notice, hence the spare layers for rain and warmth, and the extensive first-aid and repair stuff.

I'm curious to see other people posting their tack rooms and work benches.

How different we all are! What a delight!

Life is good, isn't it?


  1. There is no such thing as too much sunscreen.

  2. Do the horses fit in there, too? Mom

  3. Mom: the horses fit in the rear compartment of the trailer. They wouldn't fit in the front section even if it was empty...which, obviously, it isn't.

    Also, there's the issue of Hana probably using up all the sunscreen....!

  4. I don't have an actual tack room either, I have to use the garage. Which is getting very overcrowded, I just told my OH that he needs to build me that tack room and quick!
    I keep all my stuff in the horse trailer in the summer, but once the cold, damp weather hits, I bring it back into the garage.
    I love the skull stickers in your tack room! My OH just bought a new collar for our million dollar cat, black with white skulls! I had to laugh, it is so fitting for him! He's a terror!

  5. Wow! a two room trailer...who knew? Mom

  6. I need to do that post this weekend so y'all can laugh as you see how the other half live LOL!


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