In which I travel to the Dry Side and take some pictures while I'm there

I drove over the mountains yesterday for a brief sojourn on the Dry Side of our state.
The Dry Side is so completely different from the Swamplands that I used to be rather astonished that Dry Side trucks had the same license plate as my muddy old truck!
Whereas we Swamplanders have low clouds and drippiness in the weekend weather forecast, those Other Washingtonians can look forward to even more cool dry days and bright blue skies.
They really do get the bright end of the weather stick this time of year.
(However, winters on the Dry Side are too cold and snowy for me! I'd rather stay in the Swamplands and rust to death slowly than freeze my blogging fingers off on the East Side, thankyouverymuch)
Although I was travelling for business, taking a camera along for the ride is a good excuse for me to slow down and smell the, uh, sagebrush.


Taking the scenic route through the canyon on the drive home is definitely worth the effort.
Life is good!


  1. Beautiful long did it take you to travel It looks like you stopped a lot! MOM

  2. Lovely pictures - thanks!

  3. Great photos. Texas is like that too. North, south, east and west are so completely different, you'd hardly guess you're in the same state.

    WV = piratio
    A latin pirate


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