In which there are goats, a wheelbarrow, and an unrequited love

It's Sunday. It's raining. What can I possibly blog about? Something silly. Something with goats. Something with a horse in it.....

Well, I've been playing around with YouTube tonight. So here's something silly to make us all laugh on a rainy Sunday evening.

Stay warm and dry--and enjoy!


  1. OMG! That is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time!! I am crying because I am laughing so hard! Love the commentary, and the goats! They are just hilarious!! Love it!

  2. way to keep it horse related, fiddle!


  3. i have a question for you: you buy your bridles from hought endurance tack, right? i seem to remember that, or perhaps your stuff just resembles theirs (?).

    anyway, i spent 20 minutes in a chair today trying to re-figure out conway buckles, and i decided at the end of the 20 minutes that i will never really learn to use conway buckles, and i am done with them.

    so, my sportack bridle, though i love it, will be my last. they only use conways on bit hangers and stuff.

    is there a firm that makes good soft biothane without the excessive use of conway buckles? i can deal with one or two on a bridle, but on the bit hanger, no way.

    flashback to times of leather...remember how normal reins attach to the bit with a "latch" system, not a buckle? you have to slide the leather slit through a metal latch? and when your leather got really stiff, it sucked? nowadays you can buy reins with actual buckles at the bit. crazy!

    anyway, buckles are good. i'm all for buckles now.


  4. I can't believe the wheelbarrow stayed UPRIGHT through all of their shenanigans! (I was secretly hoping Fiddle would push it over!)

    (Aaranenex--I'm sending you a pm--I have a HGE favor to ask, maybe)

  5. That video was too cute! I agree with EvenSong, I was secretly hoping she'd knock the wheelbarrow over.

    Lythia - conway buckles are bad enough, but believe it or not I have a hard time with reassembling normal buckles! It takes 20 minutes and a lot of cussing for me to put my breastcollar back together after cleaning it. :( And no matter what, something's always backwards.


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