In which I go riding with the Fish, and nobody gets very wet

Fiddle and I do a lot of riding "solo"--just her and me, out on the trails for hours of happy trotting. She's gotten good at leaving her friends behind in the pasture, and she doesn't fret about being all alone in the wilderness with only me to protect her from the wild wolves.

She isn't very good at riding in a group, though. There just isn't much opportunity to ride with crowds of other people, except at an event, which is not the place to be schooling new skills.

So today we met up with the Fish, for a few hours of happy trotting in a group.
These are all endurance riders and endurance horses from Fish Creek Farm, which is where I take Fiddle for lessons. Today would be a kind-of lesson, but mostly the goal was to have fun.

While waiting for the Fish to arrive, I read the "notice board" (these posters are all taped inside the porta-potty at the trail head...a good way to make sure everybody sees them, right?)

Hmmm. A poker ride this weekend? I'll have to try to go to that!

I never win much at these events (unlike Dory, who won a SADDLE a few weeks back!), but it's fun to be out in a group without having to haul for hours.

The Fish arrive and mount up....

Patty wanted me to take a picture so she could show her trainer how far she has to climb up to get on her horse.
Sorry, Sis: I'll take the picture, but you'll get no sympathy from ME for the effort you use to get on your 15 hand high pony!

Down and up
and around and through
and a stop for a photo opportunity.
Fiddle got to practice leading, following, and being in the middle of the "sled dog line."

She hates having horses right behind her, but the Fish just laugh at her ugly faces and she has to cope with it. She finally relaxed...a little. It will take more practice, but I saw improvement after only a couple of hours!

Next week, we'll do it all again. What fun!


  1. Sounds like a good ride! I love the down and up trail, that is one of my favorites!

  2. That does sound like fun. But then, riding anywhere with buddies is fun.

    WV = taters
    I'll have some on my breakfast burrito this morning!

  3. Such smiling happy faces to ride with....and great horse-friendly trails, too. Sounds like a fun day!


    wv: ridem

    Yep...ride em! lol!

  4. Read this Thursday and hadn't gotten a chance to comment - sorry! I loved this story and I am totally jealous of your Fish Creek Farm people!

    Did you go to the poker ride?


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