In which we celebrate Saturday stories (early): a frog story

The little dumb frogs that we discovered in the anchor holes for the new barn inspired this week's storytime theme in my other life.

In my other life, I'm a librarian...mostly a teen services librarian, but I also do a lot of storytelling and storytimes for little kids, including the Wednesday evening "Pajama Storytime".

And hey: how many other professions require that I wear my pajamas for the Wednesday night shift?

Since in my other life I'll be telling stories about frogs, and singing songs about frogs, and sharing poems about frogs, I thought maybe I'd post a story about frogs for my blog readers. This is not one of the stories I'll share with the kids tonight (but I will have printed copies available for their parents to read!)

The Princess and the Frog – a story for adults

Once upon a time, a pretty princess lost her golden ball while she was playing in the garden.

“Don’t cry, Princess,” said a croaky voice in the bushes nearby. “I will find your golden ball for you.” A few minutes later, a large green frog hopped out of the bushes with the golden ball in his mouth.

“Here’s your golden ball, Princess,” said the frog. “And now, you must do something for me. Take me home with you. Let me eat dinner from your plate, let me drink wine from your cup, and let me sleep in your silken bed with you.”

The princess didn’t want to be with the frog, but she did feel grateful to him for finding her golden ball. She took the frog home with her. She let him eat from her plate that evening, and let him drink from her cup. And when she went to bed that night, she carefully made a space and allowed the frog to hop up onto the silken bed beside her.

Imagine the surprise of the princess when she woke up in the morning and found a beautiful young man lying beside her in the bed, wearing only a crown and a silken bedsheet.

Imagine the surprise of the queen, mother of the princess, when she entered the bedroom of the princess early the next morning…

…and she didn’t believe this crazy story, any more than you do.


  1. I do enjoy your stories! And in case you haven't seen it, here's another version of the princess and the frog:

  2. Oops - the link doesn't work for some reason, even if you copy and paste. But if you google "princess and the frog, feminist version" it should come up.

  3. Maybe that's how some fairly tales come to be - as "cover" stories!

  4. Hilarious!
    Okay, next Wednesday at the library...check. If I hunch down do you think the other kids would believe I'm one too?

    Oops. I mean the kids. Not the other kids...



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