In which we play poker with the Fish, get rained on, and win not one thing

Having enjoyed our trail ride earlier in the week, we met up with the Fish today for the poker ride that we saw advertised on the porta-potty door.

(NOTE: I don't usually make dates based on bathroom-door data, but trailhead portapotties can be downright educational!)
Unlike our happy ride on Thursday, this time the weather did NOT cooperate, and buckets of rain dumped down on us.

"A training opportunity!" sez me, and off we went. Fiddle hasn't done much work in the rain. Would she hate it? Would she like it?

Would she even notice?

No, apparently not. Another standardbred non-issue. Dang, that's easy.

We also worked on Fiddle's "ugly ears" today. When I first got her, she thought that it was okay to lunge and bite and kick nearby horses. After 3 years of steady work, she knows that these things are naughty. She mostly doesn't do that stuff anymore, but she still wants to do it. Her ears, which are huge, can be very ugly. How to fix the ears--and the attitude?


If Fiddle has nice ears and stands nicely next to Shade, Patty gives Fiddle a cookie sometimes. Sometimes, it's just a pat. Hmmmm. Fee had to think about that.

Pinned ears = no cookie.
Nice ears = cookie.

Fiddle likes to pin her ears, but she also likes cookies. Hmmmmm.

I won't call her bad ears "fixed" yet, but we took steps today. Next time I ride with the Fish, I'm gonna stuff everybody's pockets full of cookies and we'll practice some more!

At points along the trail, volunteers let us choose numbered poker chips from a bag. High numbers win prizes. Low numbers also win prizes.

Look at all the prizes on that table! Dory had high hand last year and won money.This year she had the low hand and won money.

Patty and Sirie and I had middle numbers. No prizes for us! But still, it was a good day.

We sat in the shelter by the fire after the ride and got warmed up.

Fiddle got her purple jammies and a haybag full of snacks.
Still raining. Must be time to go home!
Life is good.


  1. Sounds like a fun day. Amazing how quickly they figure out things when there's cookies to be had.

  2. I know one day I'm going to have to ride in the rain, and I'm dreading it! Sounds like you were properly prepared and had a great time though.

  3. What fun to ride in the rain!! Not!! I think I might be a fairweather rider. I like the cookies thing. Gotta tell my friend Donna with her mean mare. My boys love her mare and never seem to remember how cranky she is!


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