In which we celebrate Saturday Stories : a neat hero story

I learned this story from the mother of one of my storytime kids. Heather had gone to a storytelling concert at some, wait, it was a neighborhood was a block party, maybe...she didn't remember where and she didn't remember the name of the storyteller, but she DID remember the story.

That's what I call a great story.

(I tracked down the gig and the storyteller: Mary Dessein, who just happens to be a co-host on the storytelling radio show with Jim and me! Mary and I and Jim have been sharing the microphone for eleven years now, and I'm delighted to share her story with y'all).

A dragon swooped down upon the village late one night, burning the roofs, frightening the horses, making a huge mess...and when it swooped away from the village, it carried with it a little girl.

The King took immediate action. He called together his army, and selected the three fastest, strongest, bravest knights. "Go," said the King, "Go and rescue that girl!"

The knights galloped away on their fine warhorses. They followed the path of the dragon--not difficult to do, as it was a burned path 100 yards wide, still hot and smoldering. They rode fast for three days and three nights, and on the morning of the fourth day they saw ahead of them a mountain. At the top of the mountain they could see a cave, and coming out of the cave they could see smoke.

The knights were just about to gallop up the mountain to rescue the girl when they saw...

a woman...

coming down the side of the mountain...

carrying the girl.

The knights were astonished.

"How did you do this? We galloped for three days and three nights to battle the dragon and rescue the child, and yet here are you, with the girl in your arms!"

She looked at the knights, and she shrugged her shoulders and said,

"Well, you aren't her mother, are you?"


  1. Love it! And...exactly. :)
    Story show on the radio???
    Um..When and where please. You tell a mean story in writing, I"d love to hear it out loud!
    (I'm a big fan, in case you can't tell.)
    Are we dressing up the goats for halloween? I'm trying to talk Hudson into a costume.

  2. What an EXCELLENT story, and of course!!


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