In which I consider beautiful indelible markings : tattoos!

Ruth at BlueBlazes had a cute blog post the other day (here), and showed off her tattoo:
It got me thinking about ink.

Story had a lip tattoo that was essentially unreadable.  Fiddle has a lovely tatt on her neck:
 ...when she grows in her winter coat, this turns into a white smear.  In fact, her immigration papers read "illegible freeze brand", because it was so furry that year.  I didn't realize that it isn't illegible until June of the following summer, when it shed out perfectly.

(I keep it clipped in winter now.)

It got me thinking about beautiful ink.  I had this tattoo done a few years before Story died:
The original art was taken from a photo of Story and transferred directly onto my arm, with the black tribal as a frame. 

Later, another (better) artist added the moonscape background. 
(do you have any idea how difficult it is to take a picture of your own bicep?  Sheesh.  I finally took a photo in the mirror to illustrate the entire thing...only, of course, it's backwards):

Someday, I'll probably put a tatt of Fiddle on my other bicep.  Anybody feeling creative and want to design it?  Here's her photo:

Seeing her picture right next to the tattoo of Story really shows me how much they looked alike, even for cousins.  Kewl.

I know there's more ink out there in the horse world, and I want to see it, readers!  Put links in the comments, post photos on your blog, or send a picture directly to me and I'll put it up here. 

Let's see some beautiful tattoos, shall we? 

Okay, Funder sent this one:

She says:
It's a sumi-e style rearing horse on my hip.  It's my "never give up" tattoo that reminds me of my Champ.  Dixie will get one too one day, when I figure out her design - I am thinking of something about her face.  Maybe just the line of bay/white down her nose, or maybe a whole head shot.


  1. Thanks for the shout out. :) And yes, it probably is a standie. I got my image here:

    It doesn't look like any horse I have ever owned, but I like the spirit and grace of it. It's an "everyhorse." It's like a mission statement permanently inked on my arm.

    Can't wait to see the others. It seems like every ride I've been to this year has required sleeves!

  2. I've always been intrigued by the idea of a tattoo, but the only one I ever really, truly wanted I can't get :(

    My friend had it... it was Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse, whistling a tune and pushing an old fashioned push lawnmower. My friend was a great big REALLY hairy guy and he had it tattooed on his chest... and shaved the patch of hair behind it so it looked like Mickey was having a grand old time mowing his chest hair.

    At any rate, I can't seem to feel strongly enough about any word/picture to decide on one to imprint on my body forever.... and honestly, I kind of like being the minority down here in SoCal (seriously: EVERYONE has a tattoo.)

    The Bean dreamed of getting sailor tattoos - tattoos you earn (full rigged ship sfor trips around Cape Horn, etc,) but at the rate we keep making babies THAT ain't never gonna happen.

  3. Sent in my pic! I've always loved your horse and maybe I'll get the guts to get an arm tattoo next.

  4. Great tattoos! I love the motion of the trotting horse on your Story tattoo, and love the style of the rearing horse on Funder's. Nice!

    I just can't committ to one picture, although I used to think of getting a tattoo of a crow, just never could figure out how to do an all black bird on tattoo! Now I'm too chicken.

  5. Wow... Funder's tattoo just made my "Top Five Tattoos Ever" list. That thing is great.

  6. I have known for long time that in case of death of my horse I will get a tatoo. He died this january but I havent had time to deal with getting it but some day there will be small japanece lettered word "samurai" on my arm. So that if someone notices it I can either say that it is just to remember something or if the asker is someone who might be interested I can tell the whole long story of my horse :)


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