In which we don't go far to visit the Highlands and hear the music

Jim's birthday: 
the perfect excuse to go to Scotland.
Only...who has money for airfare?  And more importantly:  who will feed the horses? 
We'd better make the trip really fast, so they hardly notice that we're gone.

Fortunately for us (and for the horses), there was a Highland Games festival just up the road. 

We loaded up and went to see the sights... watch the dancing....

...and to hear the music!

Jim got a black wool "formal" kilt to wear for formal occasions.
(It looks better without jeans underneath).

Done with shopping; time to watch some obsessive dogs moving the universe's dumbest sheep.

Speaking of frustrating tasks, how about a little caber tossing? 
If you've never seen the sport of caber toss before, here's a little sample:

The goal is to carry that thing that looks like a phone pole, then toss it end-over-teakettle so it lands pointing away from the tosser.  The caber, mid-toss:
I'm just not sure of the marketable skills gained here.  How on earth do you put that on a resume? 

 Ah, well, caber tossing is probably easier to sum up than the sheep pitch

which entails flinging a heavy "sheaf" (called "sheep") burlap bag filled with straw over a very high bar.  Chiropractors probably love the participants in these games.

Willy and Lisa had never seen a bagpipe band before, and it was fun to show them the sights.

and look:
we've come to the end of this post. 

I hope you enjoyed Jim's birthday in Scotland as much as we did!

Life is good!


  1. You haven't watched enough "Babe". It's not the sheepies' fault. They dog probably wasn't whispering "Baaa, Ram, Ewe".

    I've always wanted to go to one of these. Well, let me rephrase: I've always wanted to go to Scotland. Going to the games seems like a nice compromise. Thanks for sharing! :)

    And happy birthday, Jim!

  2. Mr. Fry would have loved the caber toss. He watches those world's strongest man competitions where they heave truck tires and concrete blocks around.

  3. Happy Birthday (sorry it's belated) Jim!

    I'm thinking the caber toss and sheep toss would look good on a resume for Vicious Tribal War Planner.
    (Along the lines of Wedding Planner, only with blood and blue paint and stuff.)

    Thanks for a trip to Scotland, very fun.


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