In which we take a little field trip, and we find blue sky and water

The sky overhead was NOT very summer-y.  
 It's been that kind of a summer, here in the Swampland. 

In fact (just in case you think I'm exaggerating) one of our local weather-guessers sat down and did the math:

That's using a definition of summer as "blue sky and 80 degrees or warmer." 
If you define summer as "blue sky and 75 degrees or warmer", Seattle has gotten a little more than 18 hours, total, since June 1st. 

Heavy sigh.

My little town, located about an hour north of Seattle hasn't had one single minute of temps above 75 degrees since October 2010.  That's supposed to change this weekend.  Cross your fingers for us, okay?

With ongoing weather like this, we decided to stop waiting for summer. So, even with clouds gathering overhead, we went to the waterslides.
We love the waterslides!

This big black slide scared the bejibbers out of me. 

There is no way on this planet that I would go on that thing!

The kids did, though!  They took the "short drop" in total darkness, on tubes... well as THE BIG DROP:

I think the Sky Gods were pleased with their bravery:

The view from the top of the not-so-scary slides:
We took "the scenic route" home, through the state park.  
But the kids didn't see any of the prettiness out the window:
We wore them all the way out.
Life is good.


  1. when i was the age of your kids, i sprained a finger at wild waves at the point where the water comes out and you are supposed to fling yourself past i think.

    ever since then i've had water slide fear but i will do the wimpy ones.

    i'm so glad you're taking them to these great places and enjoying.

    i understand our country is having a weather phenomenon. now i even know what a heat index is.

    it rained often this week here and i sat on my open office window sill and told my boss, "i feel at home.": )))

    but i feel for you, that you want to be able to feed your animals in the morning without your rain coat in the end of july.

  2. You poor thing! No blue sky or summer. :( I'm pretty sure I would die if I lived where you did. Probably means you don't appreciate jokes like this one:


    anyways - never been to a water slide, looks like a LOT of fun. Maybe need to look into going some time.

  3. OH that looks like so much fun!

  4. How fun! You are so cool to take them there and go down the slides, too.
    You would think we'd have cool water parks like that here in New Mexico, what with our 350+ sunny days all year and hot summers. But no. We only have a small one inside a city amusement park called Cliff's.
    Even swimming pools aren't all that common or used. I think it has to do with our very low humidity. When you get out of the water when there is close to zero % humidity, the moisture is whisked away so fast, it leaves you at risk of hypothermia! Yes...even in 85-90 degree temps!



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