In which we see something we haven't seen for a long time, and we smile

I was beginning to doubt whether I'd ever take pictures like these again:

Sure, we ride in all kinds of weather.  But even for a born-and-raised-in-it Swamplander, this year's unending winter-esque rain and clammy temps have gotten old.  

Imagine our delight to have skies like this overhead today:
Top of the clearcut, looking eastward:
Sunshine and good company. 

75 degrees in the sunshine
with a high of 70 degrees in the shade.  90 percent chance of deerflies and intermittent mosquitos.
Visibility: from here to Canada.
but OH! it was so humid. 

All that water in the ground (and on the trees, and in our clothes and deeply embedded in our gear) was trying to evaporate at once.  Bleh. 

Back home at the farm, it's time for a BATH, Fiddle-i-fee.
She tolerates the bathing process but nobody would imagine that she enjoys it.
She gets to graze on the lawn until her coat dries out.  The idea is that she won't waste grazing time on rolling, so maybe she'll stay clean for a little while....
Yeah.  That was a nice theory.


  1. lol! I loved the video and your commentary as she rolled. And the photo of her all lathered up made me smile.
    I'm glad you got some sunshine and beautiful weather. We're so opposite here. We take our 350+ days of sunshine and blue skies every year, for granted.
    A rainy or cloudy day is such a rarity and so welcome! Humidity is rarely a problem here in the desert, so the rain just cools everything off and we don't have to worry about mosquitoes.

    Happy trails and sunny days for you!


  2. Hmmmm....the desert sounds good, except for the s-n-a-k-e-s!

    72 degrees? That sounds heavenly, even a damp 72.

    I love Fiddle, she looks so majestic! (sp?)


  3. Glad you caught a break in the weather. Fee looks AMAZING.

  4. Summer comes to the PNW? No way!

    You're really harshing Fee's vibe with that stupid fly mask. Dixie takes particular delight in scrubbing her whole head into the dirt after a bath.

  5. Weather sounds lovely, but I'm asking everyone to send us some rain. The landscape is crunchy.

    Fiddle looks so lovely, and has Mr. Fry says, you got your 15 minutes of clean.

  6. Hey Fiddle- You missed a spot!!! Ha ha.
    I like the random goat appearance at the start of the video too, for some reason that made me laugh.

  7. Glad you guys finally had a sunny day, though I admire that rain doesn't stop you all from enjoying the trails.

    I hate to do this on my first post, but I really think and your other readers might enjoy these new, free horsey fiction short stories:

    Happy Riding and Reading!

  8. It was Beautiful! Looks like your ride was just Grand! Instead of riding, I was watching the grand-kids enjoy Butch's homemade slippy water slide in the front yard! Hoping this is Summer!


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