In which the sn*wglobe returns and I have many strange comments to share

It did it again.
Seriously?  March 1st, and this is the best we can do? promised us rain-rain-rain-rain-blessed-wonderful-rain for the next week, and this is what was in the yard this morning.  BAH!

It's probably gone by now (early evening); outdoor temps around the library where I've spent my day were in the low 40's.  But still.  Enough, already. 

In other news, at Funder's suggestion, I recently turned off the word verification for this blog, and moved everything to moderation instead.  Wow, is that ever educational!  Here are a few exerpts from recent comments:

Hi to you all, I apreciated this hark work in your page, you are standing up with knowledge! This web page is very helpfull!  My name is Lucy, I´m from Rome, and I am going to be a follower of this web page, my personal details you may don´t want to know them but I say them anyway I adore reading as well as sports in general, and I also listen a lot The Cure on my roadtrips, I´m single now so male users....just kidding :)! I once tried online dating it didn´t work out very well....
I wrote this comment cause as I previously said I really like this web site I also have a web community just as you, but mine is many different from this, it is about free poker money....:)  

O. Kay.  Thanks for apreciating (sic) all my hark (sic) work, Lucy....err....WTH?????  Of course, the free poker money we discuss here on the farm blog all the time is a huge attraction to my readers.  (Is anybody else now very curious about the personal details?  Yes?  No?)

Here's another puzzler:
The most precious price of U.S. aircraft, Lockheed Martin inclination be the results of $ 9.13 billion topped the inclination; European aircraft rate is the uniform short, the Eurofighter disposition be $ 5.91 billion in export completion ranked second; Sukhoi flock will be 5.45 billion the results of the dollar ranked third.

There's no way on this planet I'm gonna click that website, in fact, I disabled the link before posting it here.  And to all you National Security Spies who are now reading Haiku Farm because of this fascinating post in the hopes that you've found a terrorist outcropping, welcome.  Enjoy the photos of goats and chickens, dudes. 

And no, "goats and chickens" isn't code for weaponry.  Just to clarify. 
This is a goat.

These are chickens.
See?  Not weapons of mass destruction, although if they got loose in the yard I might reconsider that classification.

A very kind correspondent thinks that I will be delighted with a link to genuine Hermes handbags and Viagra.  Uh...simultaneously?

And someone else is trying to sell me electronique cigarettes...which I'm sure I desperately need, as soon as I figure out what they are.  Right?

Finally, my personal favorite:

Thanks for any other informative site. The place else could I get that type of info written in such an ideal means? I have a undertaking that I am simply now working on, and I've been at the glance out for such info. cheap car insurance

Would anybody like some sliced tomato with that word salad? 

So, now Dear Readers, I want to hear from you.  Blogger's new "prove you aren't a robot" function is much more difficult to read, I get that.  I'm not sure I want to spend this much time every day sifting through weird roboposts in order to find the quality feedback I value from y'all.  And besides, I miss it when people don't define their WV's. 

Tell me what you the comments....which I will read, carefully, to make sure that you are really realio real people and not really strange strangers, like Lucy. 


  1. Aarene--So far I don't find the ugly new word verification to be a big deal. Its hard to read but it seems to accept whatever I type in. I have been unable to post a comment occasionally--this is true. But that always happened, even in the "old days". I don't think its a big deal--apologies to those who are rabid about it.

  2. They took out the impossible-to-read word and made it two normally-annoying words, so if you want to turn it back on I don't mind! The word with the black blob in the middle was AWFUL.

    But now they've changed it so you can't subscribe to comments by email...? I keep thinking about Wordpress, I really do.

    cdeeprha: A word made up as a present for one's favorite librarian.

  3. Blogger's recent improvements are a big 'not' I don't comment a lot but lately I have given up commenting when I get asked over and over again to do the word verification thing. Blogger does do a fairly good job of eliminating spam and I rarely find those delightful comments that you are getting. Maybe that is another change. I am hoping they sort things out to make it workable again. I feel like blogger and FB have been invaded by MySpace.

  4. Oh, Lordy! That was funny. I don't like the word verification thingy, especially the scribbled one, but it only takes a second of my time - no big deal. As a blogger, I know how hard it is to read and respond to the legitimate comments. I'd hate to also wade through the freaky ones!

    I'll keep reading ... and commenting!


  5. OK! I'm going to give it a try! Don't have enough readership to even get any spam - so maybe I'll be fine. I do dislike the word verification though when I'm leaving comments for others!

  6. I personally prefer it word-verification free, simply because it encourages the possibilities of more posts like this one, which made me laugh out loud.

    Am I the only one who gets a real kick out of the strangely-worded autobot replies like these?

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go see if I can ignore the craving for some good ol' fashioned electronique cigarettes. Mmmmm. Yum.

  7. I love WordPress, but diversity is also good. So far no spam has passed through my "once commenter has been approved, they get to comment without having to be reapproved" filter.

    Becky, I too, am attached to my spam. (Once the Russion Porn spam stopped - no idea why they decided my blog was good target), I get absolutely hilarious stuff on truly weird topics. If one can figure out the topic at all...

    Electronique cigarettes sound quite painful....?


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