In which we see more of the stuff we've already seen too much of here

It comes from the sky:   



You will not hear it coming.

You can run, but it will find you.
It will cover you and all that you love in

Revenge of Son of
Endless Snowglobe II :
the whiteness returns!*

rated HT: hopefully temporary


  1. Jeez, Aarene--is this not an abnormally snowy winter for your part of the world? I sort of thought you lived in the rain forest part of the PNW.

  2. We'll hope that it's Winter's "last gasp" for this year!

  3. I know it's mostly annoying, but it does make for beautiful pictures! ;)

  4. Oh no!!! Not the whiteness again!

    It was just icy down here, hope it goes away soon.

  5. well, it's dumping snow on us again. we've had less snow than you so far this year (unglaublich!!) but i may have to call in "snow" tomorrow.


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