In which when the going gets tough, the tough go riding (even in sn*w)

It's amazing how much sadness came from the loss of such a tiny dog.  We miss her every hour of every day...but we're learning to move on.  It's not easy.

Especially when the weather goes all pear-shaped,
and on a riding day, too!

Sirie and Patty texted me:  "Ride?  or lunch?"

I texted back: "Ride.  THEN lunch."   So, we did.
At least there's a non-sn*wy place to tack up. 

The dragon shares my opinion of the weather:

Video Transcription
Patty: Alright.  Um, Aarene, I don't think your horse reeeeeeally wants to go riding today.
Aarene: (No...)
Patty:  What do you think?
Aarene:  I think, she's going, like...
Fiddle:  You must be kidding.  Bah.
Aarene:  "You're serious?"
Patty:  I don't think she...
Aarene:  "It's gonna cost you in cookies, all right."
Fiddle:  There's snow out there.  There's food in here.  Why leave?
Aarene:  All right,  here.
Patty:  You have to get out, Fiddle.
Aarene: You have to get out of the trailer to get the cookies.
Fiddle:  Want cookies.  Want cookies.  GIVE COOKIES.
Aarene: (laughing).  Gawd, you're huge.
Fiddle:  Cookies!  <3  

Out on the trail, there's almost more green than white.  A good sign.

And, an early sign of Spring:  Swamp Tulips!
a.k.a. "Skunk Cabbage"
Green forest
Back at home after the ride:  no more sn*w. 

Let's hope it lasts...for like, 9 or 10 more months!

Life is...well...better after going for a ride (and lunch) with good friends. 


  1. That video is great. Fiddle told me that she needs more cookies now that she was such a good girl.

    I am glad getting out made you feel better, however brief. It is trite but true that the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a (wo)man.

  2. that you called skunk cabbage "tulips", ahaahaha, rotfl: )

    at least you're out there riding.

    i wanted to say how sad i am about pickles marie, and how much i'd looked forward to meeting her in august. what a great year she had though, with you guys. i can only imagine your house, sheltie^3!

  3. For Sure! Riding makes everything so much better~

  4. Ha, all we got down here was rain and wind... I think tho, if I could trade, I'd trade!!



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