In which the tinydog is gone from our lives but never from our hearts

Her candle was small
but the light shining from her
will always be bright.
Farewell, best-loved dog.


  1. I am sorry for your loss, but glad for the time you and she had together.

  2. I am so very sorry. Hugs to you and your family. Sometimes the smallest lights burn the brightest. May memories of happier times with her shine through your sadness.

  3. She was so beautiful, Aarene. And so happy, too. I like to look at the photo of her first day, peeking out at you bald and timid from the gate, and compare it to the confident happiness and beautiful coat in all the rest of the pics. What an adorable imp.

    She was a good dog. You were a good mom. I wish you would have had longer together, but looking through your archives, you gave that little dog a lot of incredible memories in a really short time.

  4. Oh Aarene, this is so sad. But it is still wonderful that you found each other. I hope for you, as has happened for me after the loss of much loved animals, that eventually the the wonderful will be what you remember. Her bright spirit and the love you shared.

  5. You gave her the best home I'm sure she ever had! There was a reason she found her way to her "forever family"... To know the joy of being loved.

  6. made me cry ... so glad she got to be in your family and know your love on her way to her forever life

  7. So very sorry on your loss, :(

  8. Thank you for sharing Pickles Marie with us. Loss is so hard. She was, ultimately, a very very lucky dog, to be part of your family. You blessed her, and she blessed you back.

    It doesn't make it better. I'm so sorry. I hope you continue to share her stories with us.


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