In which I go for a little wander, and look for art on the way

Clear skies this morning, after a gusty-windy night in Reno...

Trees in a pocket park, downtown Reno
and I was dying to get out and wiggle today!

Sherri and Diana wanted to relax and gamble, so I pointed the Christine at the Nevada Museum of Art and let it show me the way.

Alas, like most museums, this place doesn't allow photography in the galleries, so I can't share photos on the blog.  If you want to see what I saw, visit the link above.

The best horse art (aside from the Deborah Butterfield horse above) is in the "Work Ethic in American Art" gallery on the third floor, which is not featured on the museum website.  Too bad.  There's some neat stuff there.

Freeway on-ramp

Since I can't share that part of the day with you, I will share photos of the public art I saw while I was walking.

Overpass pedestrian bridge.
I'm not sure exactly what is being depicted here.
Coyote?  and a duck?  and a...clam?

 Some art was clearly chosen by a committee.

Mural outside a tattoo shop

Other pieces were the vision of a single artist.

Detail of the tattoo mural

 In Reno, artwork can also be

Security bars over a business window


Bike rack at a school

 ...or just hysterical.

Custom grill outside a saw-sharpening shop

Or, just for fun.

Some kind of traffic control box outside a children's learning center

 Or, just for pretty.

Stained glass window at a burger place

Or, just because.

Decorative lampshades installed on a tree.
Yes.  I love this.

 Because, if it makes somebody in this town happy, it can be art.

The wrought-iron fence outside this body-shop featured car logos inset,
and climbing rose branches intertwined.  

Tomorrow is load-in day for vendors at the AERC Convention, so we're heading to bed early.

Watch this space tomorrow for some previews of excellent shopping. If you're coming to the party, remember to like American Trail Gear's Facebook page--we'll give the first five "like-ers" a free endurance sponge!


  1. We had a driftwood horse like that standing outside a local tack shop. Some local teens came by and hacked it to pieces. I was so heart broken. Great to see one out by you...


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